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Browse through our frequently asked questions to see whether or not we have answered yours. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us at

How can students join?
There are two main ways for students to participate in Koncerts for Kause. First, you can register on our website for our senior home recitals. Recital dates and Venues are listed on the website as well, and performing can earn you community service hours. Second, ​you can join the Koncerts for Kause Club at your high school. Currently, Koncerts for Kause has an active club at University High and Irvine High School. If you would like to start a Koncerts for Kause club at yours, please email us and we’d love to help you.

How can teachers or parents join?
Teachers play a big role in Koncerts for Kause, as do parents. If you are a teacher or parent interested in getting your student or child involved in Koncerts for Kause, click PERFORM NOW in the menu, and follow the instructions.​

​How much is the registration fee?
FREE! Absolutely free. Although donations are highly recommended, performers do not need to pay.

​What genres of music can be performed?
Any genre of music may be performed whether it be jazz, classical, pop, anything! But do ensure that the piece is adequately prepared according to your skill level, and that your music choice would be enjoyed by a senior audience.

​What should a performer bring to the recitals?
Performers are required to wear semi formal attire for their performances and bring their instrument (piano is provided), sheet music, and music stand, if needed. Forms for community service may be brought for the Koncerts for Kause Board to sign after the performance.

How much community service credit is given?

Five hours of community service credit is given per performance. However, if the Koncerts for Kause MC deems that the performance was not adequately prepared to the performers skill level, community service hours may not be given. This is not to test the skill of the performer, but to ensure that each performer takes their performance seriously and puts the time and practice into it. Each performer may play up to three songs, and is limited to 15 hours per recital.

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